An opulent, theatrical experience with magic, elegance and flames

  • A dazzling, graceful, and meticulously visual experience inspired by international stage magic performances.
  • Magnificent after-dinner entertainment suitable for stages and dance-floors, available throughout the UK, Europe, and beyond.
  • Fully self-contained stage magic show, with backdrops, PA systems, props, lighting, and music provided.
The Magic of Illuminaire Stage Show


presented by expert illusionist Dean Metcalfe and partner Claudine.

Your guests will be astonished as candles and chandeliers materialise, float, and ignite on their own - and how Dean’s assistant evades certain peril from blades and candles. Drawing on the grace, dexterity, and grandeur of classic international stage magic, this elite magic performance provides excellent after-dinner entertainment for large corporate dinners, awards ceremonies, and charity gala functions.

The Magic of Illuminaire is a grander stage show that has been perfected over many years by magical maestro Dean Metcalfe and his glamorous partner Claudine. Your guests will marvel at the skillful illusions, the refined beauty of the performance, and the sheer brilliance of the Illuminaire experience - an experience that’ll be on everyone’s lips long after the last drop of champagne.

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The Magic of Illuminaire Illusionist Show


Lavish and Masterful Stage Magic

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Magic of Illuminaire International Stage Show

About the Magic of Illuminaire Stage Magic Show

This unrivaled performance of illusion, elegance, and artistry is best suited for large, sophisticated corporate gatherings of around 500 guests, but this show is suitable for theatres and much larger events. Depending on the evening’s itinerary, Dean and Claudine can present their Illuminaire show in several formats; a short but impactful 10-minute act, 20 minutes, or half hour of opulent, highly skilled stage magic. Either format serves as a quintessential digestif!

Dean and his lifelong assistant Claudine are available to perform their elegant stage performance across the UK and beyond. Together, they’ve travelled the world, bringing their radiant stage performances to premier venues across 4 continents.

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It was a marvellous performance which everyone enjoyed, Absolutely magically fantastic – thank you very much. I would definitely, highly recommend you to anyone who wants to host a celebratory event.

Prof. Nicholas Theodorakopoulos BSc, MBA, PhD

Head of Work & Organisational Psychology Dept, Aston Business School

I just wanted to say what an absolute pleasure and honour it was you have you there. You should know that we have had people raving about you as being one of the highlights of their night! You have no idea what a massive difference you made!

Natalie Shapanis

The Golden Thread Ball 2017, Banking Hall London

Absolutely delighted with your show and the comments I received, thanks for kicking off New Years Day with such great style!

The Turnberry Hotel

Ayrshire, Scotland

Just writing to say you have been much talked about by all the staff who have said how much they loved your magic performance. Really must have you back again for another year!

Amanda Phoenix

Digital Advanced Control, Corporate Event
Kilworth House Leicestershire

Illuminaire brought a super cool performance of flames and lit chandeliers in a visual act that had everybody enthralled.

Monique Duval

Casino Royal Evian, France

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The Magic of Dean - Close up magicThe Magic of Dean

The Magic of Dean - Smaller cabaret shows and close-up magic performaces

Master illusionist Dean performs much smaller solo cabaret performances and also brings all of the flair of his stage magic to close up “mix-and-mingle” settings such as corporate get-togethers, black tie functions, personal celebrations, and awards ceremonies, weddings, private functions and charity balls.

Dean specialises in bringing corporate events to life through his mystifying magical feats at prestigious corporate functions for the likes of IBM, British Airways, Aston Business School, HSBC, BMW, and Next.

Regardless of the event you have in mind, The Magic of Dean’s riveting magic has to be seen to be disbelieved.

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